5 Great Holiday Party Themes

Make your holiday party shine with one of these fun and festive theme ideas. Celebrations filled with ugly sweaters, cheerful Christmas wrapping, merry movies, and joyful garb will kindle your guests’ Christmas spirits and create lasting holiday memories. Choose to center your holiday celebration around one of these 5 Christmas party themes.

Christmas party themes
Ugly sweater themed invite by PurpleTrail.com.

Ugly Sweater Party

Put that garish holiday sweater — that you’ve been too ashamed to wear, or throw away — to use this year at an ugly sweater party. Invite all of your closest friends with ugly sweater themed Christmas party invitations. Don’t forget to mention the required attire on the invites.

Make your guests happy with tasty snacks and drinks. Make sweater shaped cookies and decorate them with colorful frosting. Prepare an assortment of warm and comforting foods for your guests. Set up a table spread filled with soups, cheesy dips, and fresh breads. Gather an array of cheeses along with green olives and baby tomatoes onto a large serving tray. The colors will scream Christmas. For your main dish — serve anything you think your guests will enjoy.

christmas party themes
Ugly Christmas Sweater. Photo courtesy of Asmageorge.com.

There are so many great holiday drinks to enjoy, so make sure to provide your adult guests with an ample amount of beverage options. Christmas spirits like white russians, eggnog, cran and vodka, and Christmas ale are all tasty beverages with a holiday feel. Always have a few alternatives, for your friends who don’t drink. There are a variety of fun punch concoctions you can make that are non-alcoholic and very festive. Browse the internet to find one you think your guests will enjoy.

Provide your guests with ample entertainment throughout the celebration. Games, music, and crafts make for great party activities. Make sure to take lots of photos of your friends in their silly attire.

Wrap Party

I love hosting gift wrapping parties! You can enjoy time with your friends, while also taking care of last minute present wrapping. Have everyone bring different pieces of wrapping paper and accessories, so there’s a variety of cheerful paper to go around. This party is perfect for anyone who is head over heals about stationary. Take out any extra envelopes, labels, ribbons, and pens you’d like to share.

Have tasty spirits prepared for your guests, such as hot chocolate, eggnog, and warm cider. Liven up the party with music or a holiday movie. Guests will enjoy listening to music or watching a film while they’re wrapping presents.

Christmas party themes
Wrap party. Photo courtesy of Quietlikehorses.com.

Movie Marathon

Host a holiday movie marathon party. Compile a list of your favorite holiday flicks and prepare a delicious holiday feast. Get your guests’ opinions on their favorite holiday movies and cater the movie lineup to their liking. For ideas, take a look at the suggestions below.

For more merriment, create drinking games to go along with the films you’re watching. If your friends aren’t into drinking, prepare a list of Christmas movie trivia questions. Including games, food, and activities in your movie marathon will encourage your guests to socialize and liven up the party as the night winds down.

  • Christmas Vacation

  • Die Hard

  • Charlie Brown Christmas

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  • A Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Scrooged

  • Elf

  • A Christmas Story

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • Jingle All the Way

  • Rudolf the Red-nose Riendeer

Christmas Costume Pub Crawl

This is a fun theme for all the real party animals out there. Plan a festive costume pub crawl. Require that all of your friends dress up in festive garb. Send out custom holiday party invitations that explain the pub crawl plan. Adding a map of the bars you’ll be hitting up will also be helpful.

If you’re in a bigger city, look into participating in a public pub crawl. Many major cities host Santa pub crawls during the holiday season. The pub crawls attract thousands of people. If you and your friends are interested in attending a very large party and meeting new people, this idea is perfect for you.

christmas party themes
Reno’s 2012 Santa Pub Crawl. Photo courtesy of Routetwelve.com.

For a less chaotic means of fun, find a few bars that offer Karaoke and bust out your favorite Christmas carols. This will be especially fun after a few drinks, when everyone has loosened up a bit. Cheer your friends on, or join in, as they sing their favorite holiday tunes. Make sure to take lots of picture. It will be fun to look back and laugh at everyone’s Christmas get up.

Christmas Decade Party

Here’s another fun Christmas costume party idea you can do. Host a Christmas decade party. Your guests can wear attire from their favorite decade. Set a specific time frame. Or, say anything goes. Not one of the most traditional Christmas party themes, but a holiday decade party will be just as fun and more interesting than most holiday gatherings.

Your guests’ costumes will make for great conversation pieces. Games and activities will also encourage your guests to socialize. For additional entertainment, have a music playlist prepared that includes songs from a variety of eras. For more fun, have a few movies ready to play. Films that are products of their time are perfect. Choose Chicago for a ’20s theme, Saturday Night Fever for a ’70s theme, Breakfast Club for an ’80s theme, or Clueless for a ’90s motif.

christmas party themes
Run-DMC in Christmas hats. Late 80’s Christmas decade party inspiration. Photo courtesy of Smokingsection.uproxx.com.

Inform your guests of your party well ahead of time so they can properly prepare. Introduce them to your celebration theme with decade themed invites. Make sure to note the required attire and any important party details.

Christmas Party Themes

Have fun hosting your holiday party. Hopefully these Christmas party themes gave you the inspiration you were looking for. Remember to choose a theme that matches your friends’ interests and personality. Finding a theme that everyone loves will make your party a hit!

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