Christmas & Holiday Baby Shower Ideas

holiday baby shower ideas

If your baby will be arriving this winter, consider throwing a Christmas or holiday baby shower to honor the milestone moment at hand in a fun and festive way.

Holiday Baby Shower Ideas: Palette & Theme

Before anything else, you’ll want to choose a specific palette and theme for your holiday baby shower so you can coordinate things such as custom baby shower invitations, decorations, food and more.

It’s best to keep your palette simple with no more than three colors. If you want, you can also narrow down your theme to something like Snowmen, Christmas, or Christmas Cookies.

holiday baby shower ideas
Whimsical Winnter Typographic Baby Shower Invitation by

Holiday Baby Shower Ideas: Invitations

All great celebrations start with invitations. They are an essential aspect of every party that will not only tell guests when and where your holiday baby shower will be, but also give your guests a glimpse of your holiday baby shower’s unique theme.

To ensure your holiday baby shower invitations convey your party details and introduce your theme properly, follow these simple tips.

Include when and where your baby shower will be. Let guests know it’s a baby shower and inform them of what they should bring and what they can expect upon arriving.

Use your holiday baby shower invitation’s fonts, colors, and design to convey how formal or informal your shower will be and what your theme will be.

Since every baby shower is unique, we recommend designing holiday baby shower invitations that match your shower perfectly on PurpleTrail.

They have a ton of adorable winter and holiday themed baby shower invitation templates to choose from and amazing customization options, so you can personalize the design to suit your taste and style.

Holiday Baby Shower Ideas: Decorations

Decorating for your holiday baby shower should be fun. It can also be affordable if you make the best out of Christmas decorations you already have on hand.

For instance, you can use your Christmas lights, bulbs, and garland that’s been tucked away in your closet all year to add festive flavor and color to your shower.

holiday baby shower ideas
Cute baby mitten garland. Photo courtesy of Madame Cupcake on Tumblr.

Further embellish your holiday baby shower with decorations that match your theme and palette. DIY paper snowflakes, fresh-cut red or white flowers, and white candles will work with any type of holiday theme.

Check out our Winter Wonderland Party Ideas post for more fun winter decor.

Holiday Baby Shower Ideas: Food

Although it may not be the first thing you think of on a cold winter day, sushi can compliment your holiday theme very well. Plus it’s easy to make, affordable, and the perfect finger food for parties.

You can make any kind of sushi for your baby shower, the white rice and deep green nori will suit your holiday palette perfectly. For a festive red, green, and white sushi option, try making your own cucumber, avocado, and radish sushi.

holiday baby shower ideas
Cute Santa shushi. Photo courtesy of

In addition to easy-to-eat finger foods, you’ll want to add a few comfort foods to your spread. Classics like hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and savory soups will lift guests’ spirits and keep them warm and cozy throughout your baby shower.

holiday baby shower ideas
Holiday mugs resting next to a hot cocoa bar. Photo courtesy of

If you want, you can even ask guests to bring a dish to pass or their favorite Christmas cookies. This will save you money and time. Plus it will give you a chance to sample your friends and family’s recipes and give you all something to talk about throughout the shower.

Holiday Baby Shower Ideas: Fun

Classic baby shower games can be played at your holiday baby shower or you can put a winter or holiday twist on them to coordinate them to your theme. Check out our Unique Baby Shower Games article for a list of fun entertainment ideas.

You can also print out things like raffle tickets, bingo sheets, and trivia questions on stationery that matches your theme. Little additions like this will really add to your theme and leave guests impressed.

For a simple and fun means of entertainment, try gathering a list of trivia questions in advance. Old wives tales themed trivia is always fun for baby showers. Check out for a list of trivia questions and answers.

Holiday Baby Shower Ideas: Favors

There are so many fun holiday themed baby shower favors you can pass out to guests. From custom magnets and custom mugs to tiny snow globes and Christmas cookie kits, possibilities are endless! Only you can choose a favor that’s perfect for your party.

Try to choose something practical that guests can use and enjoy. We really like the idea of creating custom mugs on for each of your guests. Then you can tuck a little hot cocoa package inside of each mug along with a short thank you note. This is a baby shower favor they can use again and again. And it goes along with your winter theme!

Hopefully you found these holiday baby shower ideas helpful! Have fun planning for your holiday baby shower! Make sure to explore the rest of the articles on for more winter party tips and inspiration!

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