Christmas Baby Shower Ideas: Invitations, Decorations, Food, & Favors

If you’re due this winter, and happen to be a big fan of the holiday season, consider making Christmas the theme of your baby shower. Use these Christmas baby shower ideas to capture the spirit of the holidays with your baby shower invitations, decorations, favors, and entertainment.

Christmas baby shower ideas
Buck Or Doe Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation by

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas: Invitations

Your invitations will give guests the first glimpse of your celebration so you will want to make sure they not only share the time, place, and details of your baby shower, but also relay your unique Christmas theme.

The best way to ensure your baby shower invitations do all of this is to create them yourself on a custom card and invitation website, like or for cheap baby shower invitations.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas
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You can either start with one of their adorable Christmas baby shower invitation templates and personalize it to your liking or you can design your very own Christmas baby shower invitations from scratch with their invitation maker.

Try selecting a palette to coordinate your invitations and decorations to. It’s best to keep it simple with three colors max. You can also choose a theme to include in your invitations and decorations, like “Baby, it’s cold outside” or “Santa, baby” or something else that is clever and related to winter or the holidays.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas
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In addition to the colors, fonts, and embellishments you use on your Christmas baby shower invitations, you can also emphasize your shower theme with cute Christmas wording. Here are a few Christmas baby shower invitation wording ideas you can use to highlight your theme and capture your guests’ attention.

 Baby, it’s cold outside!

Warm up with us at a Christmas Baby Shower

to honor soon-to-be mom

Katherine Stone

12.01.2014 — 2:00 pm

Green Stone Cafe

Please bring a pack of diapers to be entered into a raffle.

Ho, ho, hope you can make it!


Tis’ the season to celebrate!

Join us for a

Santa Baby Shower

in honor of Kristen Love

12.12.15 at 4:00 pm

The Love’s Home

Christmas Onesie Baby Shower Invitation by
Christmas Onesie Baby Shower Invitation by

A little snowflake is on her way…

Join us for a special day

to honor mom-to-be Lily Williams

12.14.14 at 3 pm

Pine Cone Lodge

233 Pine Street — Seattle, WA

Let us snow if you can go!

RSVP to Sue 888-888-8888


Celebrate Claudia’s Christmas Miracle!

Join us for a

 Christmas Baby Shower

in her honor

12.12.2014 — 3:00 pm

Pine Tree Restaurant

2342 Winter St. – Seattle, WA

Bring a pack of diapers to be entered into a raffle!

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas: Decorations

Finding decorations for your Christmas baby shower should be easy with there being so many holiday decorations to choose from. Try coordinating your Christmas baby shower decorations with your palette and theme.

Cover tables with festive tablecloths. Create frosted candle holders out of small jars, Mod Podge, and epsom salts. Cover the jars with Mod Podge and then simply roll them in the epson salts. Let the jars dry. Add a candle and use them as table centerpieces for your Christmas baby shower.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas
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Use this adorable Many Mini Mittens garland to decorate your entryway or a table — or learn how to make your own on

You can also make cute garland out of tiny baby booties, stockings, or socks by attaching them to a piece of string with small clothes pins. This is a great Christmas baby shower idea because it’s not only easy to make, but also the mommy-to-be can use the socks for her baby later.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas
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Cover white or colored strings of lights with fake snow batting and stretch them across the ceiling of your venue. The fake snow batting will light up and cast a soft, inviting glow upon your venue.

Fill red or clear glass vases with white flowers, such as mums, carnations, and baby breath. Place the fresh flowers throughout your venue. Check out this Christmas Baby Shower Ideas Pinterest board for more decoration ideas and inspiration.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas: Food

Your food should not only taste good, but also add to your Christmas theme. Choose foods that would likely be found at a Christmas party. Hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and anything that will add festive color and flavor to your spread, like these red cranberry sparkler mocktails.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas
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Set up a hot cocoa bar filled with tasty toppings, like mini marshmallows, dark chocolate chips, peppermint pieces, and caramel bites. Also prepare healthy snacks for guests, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and leafy greens can all be used to add color and nutritional value to your spread.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas: Games

Here are a few simple, fun, and unique baby shower games you can play at your Christmas baby shower.

Santa Baby Match-Up

Get in touch with guests ahead of time and ask if you can have a copy of one their baby photos — preferably one’s taken around the holidays. After collecting a photo from each guest, add the photos to a board.

Label each photo with a letter. Then, give guests a sheet of paper with a list of all of your guests’ names and have them match the name to the baby photo. Whoever matches the most correctly wins a small prize.

 Santa Baby Trivia

Everyone loves trivia. Try organizing a list of Christmas and baby related trivia questions and answers. Check out this Unique Baby Shower Games post for a list of baby trivia as well as more game ideas. Mix in some fun Holiday trivia to add to your Christmas theme.

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas: Favors

Personalize a mug for each guest on — where you can personalize mugs with photos, custom wording, and your choice of colors, fonts, and embellishments. Design a mug that suits your baby shower’s Christmas theme. Place the personalized mug on each guest’s table. Tuck a hot cocoa packet into each mug.

Hopefully you found these Christmas baby shower ideas helpful! Have fun planning for your Christmas baby shower. Take a look at these Holiday Baby Shower Ideas and Winter Baby Shower Ideas posts for more tips and inspiration. Happy holidays.

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