Cool, Creative and Cheap Kids Halloween Costumes

There’s nothing sweeter than a child excited to dress up in costume for Halloween. And while you may share in their excitement for the upcoming spooky season, you my be dreading the added expenses. Halloween costumes can be very pricey, and the odds are good that they’ll only wear it once. Get inspired by these cool, creative and cheap kids Halloween costumes.

Cheap Kids Halloween Costumes

pirate costume

 A Bee

Classic and comfortable, your little sweetie will love to be a bee. This costume starts with a basic black leotard and matching opaque tights. Dress up the leotard with stripes of adhesive yellow tape. Make wings by taking two coat hangers and molding them into the shape of wings. Cover the wings with plastic bags and secure around the edges with glue. Glue two pipe cleaners to a plastic headband for your little bee’s antennae.


Even kiddos who are scared of clowns will admit this costume is more sweet than scary. There’s a lot of creativity involved with this costume, so you can use your imagination and make it your own. All you’ll really need are colorful clothing (bright red pants and a yellow t-shirt, for example), a red nose, some clown make-up and either a wig or an over-sized bow. Use jumpsuits, rainbow-colored tutus, or whatever else you have on-hand.


For this costume, you’ll need a pair of old black pants, a yellow or white blouse or men’s shirt, a bandanna, eye patch, a red scarf, a pirate’s hook and a gold chain. Cut the ends of the black pants up with scissors to create a fringe. Your little pirate will wear the pants, the blouse, the gold chain, the red scarf around the waist and the bandanna covering the head. Pop on the eye patch and the hook, and you’ve got yourself a little pirate.

Cowboy or Cowgirl

This is one of the easiest cheap kids Halloween costumes to assemble and will be both cozy and comfortable for your child. Simply use an old plaid flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. If they own a stick horse, have them carry it (or ride it) trick-or-treating. Everyone will get a kick out of your little country cutie!


They may want to go as Superman or Wonder Woman, but your child can create their own costume and be their own self-made Superhero. All you’ll need is a leotard and leggings or a solid-colored sweatsuit, colored duct tape, adhesive felt, a mask and a cape. Cut out the first letter of your child’s name or their initials and tape it to the leotard or sweatshirt. Tape the cape to their shoulders and have them wear the mask. You can get creative with the colored duct tape and put it elsewhere on the costume to make it more visually appealing.


Wrap your little one in old bandages or old white sheets torn into strips. Cover their head too, and paint their face white.

Mad Scientist

For this costume, have your child wear an adult-sized white dress shirt cut straight across the bottom and carpenter’s goggles. Mess up their hair and give them a beaker.


Find some old clothes your little one no longer wears… an old white shirt and jeans, a dress, anything will work… and tear some holes in it. Tease their hair and paint their face to resemble the un-dead. Tell them to mutter the classic zombie call… “BRAINS!”


princess costume
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If your daughter has an old flower girl dress or a big, puffy pink or purple dress, she’s already got most of her princess costume. Just get her some tights, patent mary janes, a crown and a wand. Give her a royal hairdo she will love.


Have your little lady wear a black leotard, a tutu and tights. invest in some beautiful butterfly wings or make your own using this tutorial. Glue two pipe cleaners to a plastic headband for the antennae.


Dress your child in all black and make a ninja hood out of an old black tee. Simply pull the tee over his head, stopping above the ears and nose, pull the back of the shirt over the top of his head, pull the sleeves behind his neck, tie and adjust. Buy a ninja sword and star or make your own star out of tinfoil.


Turn your kiddos into peaceful little people with homemade hippie costumes. This idea works for a boy or a girl and is a breeze to assemble. Just have them wear flare jeans (or a long, flowing skirt), tie-dyed tees and skinny headbands around their foreheads. Peace sign necklaces, homemade bracelets and Birkenstocks are all nice touches.


All you’ll need for a scarecrow costume are a pair of overalls (patched if possible), a plaid flannel shirt, a straw hat, gloves and some straw (long, skinny strips of paper will be more comfortable than actual straw). Glue bits of “straw” to various parts of the costume for an authentic look.


For this adorable costume, get a red dress or leotard and glue circles of black felt to it. Buy some ladybug wings and glue two pipe cleaners to a plastic headband for the antennae.

We hope these ideas for cheap kids Halloween costumes will save you plenty of time and cash this year. Happy Halloween!

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