How To Throw A Culturally Diverse Office Holiday Party

Are you in need of some office Holiday party planning ideas and advice? Search no further. We’ve compiled an office Xmas party guide you can use to put together an unforgettable holiday celebration — one that’s fun as well as respectful of other cultures. Instead of throwing together a traditional, run-of-the-mill holiday celebration, try incorporating culture and class into your party!

Your co-workers will enjoy this fresh and PC take on the holidays, plus our party tips will help you build awareness of diversity and create an inclusive holiday environment. From theme ideas to decoration, entertainment, and etiquette tips, we’ve all the advice you’ll need to form a party all of your co-workers will enjoy.

A Culturally Diverse Office Party

Rather than avoiding any mention of cultural celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ashura, Bodhi, or Yalda, the Zoroastrian celebration of the winter solstice Dayor, try incorporating small bits and pieces of all of your co-workers beliefs and traditions into your party. There are a number of ways to do this. Try getting help from your co-workers.

Ask them about their culture and the holidays they celebrate. Find out how you can incorporate their beliefs into your celebration. Use party food, music, dance, and decorations to embrace the different December holidays your co-workers celebrate. This will fill your celebration with cultural diversity and surely your associates will enjoy learning about other cultures, while also embracing their own.


All great parties start with perfect invitations. Create custom office holiday party invitations that match your theme perfectly. Add photos of your office and co-workers, festive fonts and colors, and a unique design that is true reflection of your company. Also, don’t forget to mention any important details regarding what your guests should bring and the time and place of the party.


You can ask all of your co-workers to bring a cultural dish to pass. Their dishes will make for great conversation pieces. Your group will learn about one another’s culture and background, while enjoying a tasty treat.

For instance, if one of your associates celebrates Kwanzaa, maybe they can prepare a traditional African dish such as peanut soup, jollof rice, or okra and greens. Perhaps if one of your co-workers celebrates Bodhi Day, the Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that the historical Buddha experienced enlightenment, than they can bring in a dish associated with that December celebration.

Food is a great way to experience and learn about culture. Although organizing a potluck will require a bit of effort, you can make your life easier by including the food request on the company party invitations. Send the invites out well ahead of time, so the guests have time to prepare for the celebration.


You can also include music from a variety different cultures. Find out what kind of holiday music your co-workers listen to and see if you can add the collection of songs to a playlist for the office holiday party. Try including this request on your invites as well, alongside the dish to pass note. Maybe your associates can send you a list of songs they’ed like to hear via email, or on Facebook, in advance so you can prepare a playlist for your celebration.


Again, do a little research and find out what kind of cultural diversity your company holds. Incorporate the December holidays your co-workers celebrate into your party via the decor. Start out with simple decorations like balloons, strings of lights, and confetti. Then start incorporating culturally rich decor relevant to your co-workers beliefs. Candles, lights, garland, streamers, flags, and banners will also add festive charm and color to your party.


If you have any associates who celebrate Hanukkah, try playing dreidel — a gambling game played with a square top. Check in with your co-workers to see if they know of any other great games you can incorporate into your celebration. Trivia is always fun. Try preparing a list of holiday trivia questions you can ask your co-workers at the party. Provide the individual or group who answers the most questions correct with a prize, to make things more interesting. Check out our Printable Holiday Trivia and Christmas Movie Trivia articles for inspiration.

Good Luck With Your Office Xmas Party

Hope these office Xmas party ideas gave you the inspiration you were looking for. Remember that millions of people in the United States celebrate a December holiday other than Christmas. America is considered the melting pot of the world, so use your holiday party as a means of embracing your co-workers history, background, and beliefs. Good luck planning your celebration. For more office holiday party ideas, take a look at our 6 Company Holiday Party Venue Ideas and Office Holiday Party Guide articles.

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