Family Christmas Dinner Games

If you’ve been put in charge of hosting the family Christmas dinner this year, you’ve probably sent out your holiday party invitations and gathered recipes for a fabulous feast. And while a delicious dinner and great conversation will be a lovely start to your Christmas, having some games and activities for your family to play will be a fun way to bring everyone together. This list of family Christmas dinner games includes fun-filled activities that will keep everyone from the youngest cousin to the grandparents entertained.

Family Christmas Dinner Games

Christmas Tablecloth Decorating

If you’ve got a separate table for the kids in your family, this activity will be a lot of fun. Get a cheap, disposable tablecloth or enough butcher paper to cover the table and put out containers of markers and crayons. Have everyone, adults included, contribute something to the tablecloth. By the time dinner is ready to be served, you’ll be serving the kids in the family their meals on their own masterpiece!

 Toss the Santa Hat

This game should either be played outdoors or in a large room where nothing can get broken. Fill a Santa hat with candy and try to throw it around without the candy falling out. Anytime someone’s throw causes the hat to lose candy, that person is “out.” The last one standing wins the hat and the candy.

Guess the Ornaments

As each family member arrives at the party, have them write down the number of ornaments they think is on the Christmas tree- along with their name- on a piece of paper that will be placed in a bowl. Halfway through the evening, look at the guesses. Whoever gets the closest without going over wins!

 Holiday ABC’s

Give each person a piece of paper with the alphabet written vertically from A to Z. They must come up with a holiday word that somehow relates to each letter. You may want to set the children up to work in teams if it is too difficult for them to work individually. The first person or team to complete their list wins a prize. Some of the words the little ones come up with may seem like a bit of a stretch, but that will only add to the fun.

 Santa Doesn’t Say

This is one of the most fun and entertaining Christmas dinner games. Gather enough Santa hats for every family member that’s coming to your party. Before they arrive, pin the name of a holiday character to the top of each one. Make sure to give the kids easier guesses (characters they are sure to know). Put a hat on each guest without letting them see the name on the hat. Have everyone ask questions about their character throughout the evening, trying to guess who they are. Try to get everyone to figure out their character before the end of dinner.

 Gift Unwrap Relay

For this game, you will need several empty boxes. Place a variety of holiday treats inside one box (enough for all of the children at the party) and wrap the box. Place the wrapped box inside a bigger box and wrap that one. Continue wrapping the box, layer upon layer, for as long as possible. When everyone has arrived, have them sit in a circle. Play holiday music, intermittently stopping it and letting the child holding the gift unwrap a single layer at a time, until all of the layers are unwrapped. The tricky part? Everyone over the age of 6 has to wear oven mitts while they open the boxes! When the treats are unwrapped, hand them out to the children.

Christmas Talent Show

Challenge everyone to show off their talents with a post-dinner family talent show! When you send out your Christmas dinner invitations, ask your family members to come prepared with a Christmas-related talent…putting on a skit, singing a Christmas carol, juggling in a Santa suit, anything they can think of! Your guests can compete individually, in teams or as a family… leave it up to them and watch the fun unfold!

Set up a panel of rotating judges (so everyone gets to compete and judge) and encourage them to get into the characters of celebrity TV judges. Of course, everyone will be a winner, but you can invent categories as you go (“Best solo caroler,” “best Christmas dress,” etc).

 Carol Karaoke

Choose a Christmas carol for someone else to sing for the group. Everyone will get a chance in the spotlight to bring down the house or bomb out. Choose lesser known Christmas carols for the adults and easy picks for the kids.

Family Tree

Have every adult at the party draw straws. Whoever gets the short straw is the lucky victim! The victim must stand still as all the kids in the group decorate him or her like a Christmas tree with decorations made from red and green crepe paper, aluminum foil, paper, candy, bows, leftover wrapping paper and whatever else you can find. Make sure everyone gets their picture by the tree!

 Ornament Making

There will be no better way to commemorate this year’s family Christmas together than by making ornaments as mementos. There are many simple ideas for making ornaments that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. Click here for ideas and inspiration.

Santa Limbo

To play Santa Limbo, use a string of lights instead of a broomstick to mark the spot. Add a “Santa stomach” to each person for an extra challenge (you’ll just need an extra-large shirt and a throw pillow). Then play some Christmas music and enjoy the laughter! Everyone’s bellies will be shaking like bowls full of jelly by the end of this game.

We hope these family Christmas dinner games will give you a fun-filled Christmas with plenty of love and laughter.

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