Handmade Holiday Party Ideas — Cheap, Affordable, Crafty

Are you interested in saving a little bit of cash this holiday season? Use our handmade holiday tips and suggestions to put together an incredibly crafty and cheap holiday celebration. We have an easy holiday craft guide that will help you prepare fun, creative, and cheap handmade ornaments, decorations, invitations, and gifts for all of your holiday parties this year. These crafty handmade holiday ideas will surely impress your friends and family and fill your holidays with cheer!

Cheap Invitations and Cards

Whether you’re planning on sending out holiday cards or invitations, these handmade holiday ideas will help you save money on your festive stationery. Try creating cheap custom invitations and cards online. You can create your own cards, add personal photos and wording for a very reasonable price. Check out InviteShop.com for more information regarding custom holiday cards and invitations.

Inexpensive Woodgrain Snowflake Holiday Party Invitation

If custom online invites are not for you, you can also make your own from scratch. Handmade paper makes wonderful holiday cards and invitations. You can make your own out of old newspapers, magazine, or scrap paper. The process is fun and easy. Check out this Eco Friendly Wedding Announcement article for a video explaining the DIY paper making process.

Cheap Handmade Ornaments

Here are few handmade ornaments you can make to decorate your family’s holiday tree, or give away as gifts. These crafting activities also make for fun holiday entertainment for kids. Happy crafting!

handmade holiday
Plastic ornaments filled with bubble gum. Photo courtesy of TheMotherHuddle.com.

Candy Ornaments: Although you’ll need to buy a package of plastic ornaments and a bag of your favorite candy pieces, this handmade ornament craft is still very simple and affordable. These candy ornaments make wonderful gifts for kids, and kids will have a blast helping you make them too! After you purchase the candy and plastic ornaments, simply fill the clear ornaments up with candy. Add a top and a hook and you’re all set! You’ll end up with an ornament similar to the one above, but you can add anything to your bulb. Sprinkles, M & M’s, Skittles, and small mints will all work well. For a non-edible, but just as pretty alternative try adding fake snow or glitter.

Marbled Ornaments: Colorful, marbled ornaments will add flashy color and panache to your holiday tree. They also make beautiful gifts. The best part about these stunning ornaments is you’ll only need a little bit of time and materials to put them together. Check out the video below to learn how to make these cheap, fun, and easy handmade ornaments.

Handmade Holiday Party Decor

Create festive and fun handmade garland for your holiday party. Use a needle and thread to piece together festive popcorn and cranberry garland. This idea is so fun and easy, plus you get to snack on tasty popcorn while you’re crafting! Another edible option is a candy garland. All you’ll need is a large bag of colorful wrapped treats and a stapler. Simply staple the ends of the wrappers together in a regular pattern until you’re garland is as long as you like. The more colorful the candies the better. Candies such as peppermints, or small treats wrapped in red and green, will really match the colors of the season. Check out the image below for more candy garland inspiration.

Butterscotch candy garland. Photo courtesy of Robinbecksnest.com.

Handmade Holiday Gifts

Wow your friends with some of the handmade holiday gifts featured in our DIY Holiday Gifts article. The article has video tutorials on how to make festive bath scrubs, jewelry, chevron frames, blankets, and magazine vases. These gifts are perfect for any age, sex, or personality. Take a look at the article and get crafting! After you have your gift in hand, make sure to take a look at our Ideas for Christmas Wrapping article, for creative and handmade gift wrapping inspiration. Check out the video below to learn how to make an adorable handmade snow globe any friend or relative will love!

Handmade Holiday Favors

handmade holiday
Chocolate coated peppermint sticks.

If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, you’ll want to send your guests home with a gift that shows your appreciation for their support and participation in your celebration. Use one of these handmade favor ideas to show them how much you care.

Baked Goods: Bake a batch of your favorite cookies and stick them in cute little gift bags. Add a ribbon along with a festive note tag and your party favors will be all set and ready!

Hot Cocoa: Buy a large canister of hot cocoa and divvy it up into small jars, cans, bags, or any extra containers you have on hand that look cute and festive. Add a ribbon and a sweet note and you’re done.

Chocolate Coated Peppermint Sticks: Yum! This gift is tasty, cheap, easy to make, and ascetically pleasing! You can find the recipe on Recipe.com.

DIY Magnets: A fun and practical gift that you can make yourself in no time! Learn more to make a variety of easy DIY magnets on AllThingsMagnet.com.

Happy Holidays

Good luck planning your party! Hope these handmade holiday party ideas save you money and provide you with hours of enjoyment. Taking advantage of simple materials is a great way to get creative, have fun, and save money throughout the holidays. Holidays are times best spent with the people you love, so ask a few of your friends and relatives if they’d like to join in your crafting endeavors! Happy holidays and good luck creating beautiful holiday decor and gifts!

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