Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween

Make your Halloween unforgettable this year by visiting one of these six haunted places in Washington state. With a variety of haunted locales to pick from, that range from beautiful haunted hotels and theaters to dark, dreary underground tunnels, trails, and ghost towns, you’re bound to find a scary place to visit this Halloween.

Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween
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Washington’s Top Haunted Hotels

Manresa Castle, Port Townsend

Manresa Castle is a historic Victorian mansion built in 1892. Ever since the mansion was converted into a hotel in 1968 guests have been reporting ghost sightings, cold spots, and eerie occurrences. This beautiful haunted hotel is located in Port Townsend, a quaint Washington ship town located near the north eastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween
Interior of Manresa Castle. Photo: Michael D Martin/Courtesy Charles Arthur.

Beyond it’s spectacular location, beautiful architecture, and haunted reputation,  Manresa Castle is also very affordable to stay at, even during and around Halloween. The hotel hosts an annual Halloween Ball with live music, drinks, and dancing that guests are welcomed to attend for free. Learn more about this haunted place in Washington state on

Thornewood Castle, Lakewood

Just because a place is haunted, doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington is perfect for anyone in search of a place to celebrate Halloween that is haunted yet comfortable, elegant, and classy.

This beautiful 27,000 square foot castle was used as the set of the Stephen King film Red Rose. More than a hundred years old, the creepy castle was built by industrialist Chester Throne as a gift to his bride. Today the mansion is a bed and breakfast and a popular spot for weddings. Many guests have reported paranormal activity such as ghostly apparitions, strange sounds, and unexplainable movement of inanimate objects.

Exterior of Thornewood Castle.
Exterior of Thornewood Castle.

The castle may be old, but it’s very well kept, clean, and has gone through many renovations. It’s a bit on the expensive side to stay there; yet it offers all the luxuries of a modern hotel along with the class and charm of a historic one, so the bigger bill may be worth it for some.

Learn more about this haunted beauty via the official Thronewood Castle website. See this America’s Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels post for a list of more gorgeous haunted hotels to visit this Halloween.

Washington’s Top Haunted Trails

Monte Cristo, Granite Falls

Monte Cristo is an abandoned mining town established in the late 19th century. Once a bustling and prosperous town with a population of 2000 or so residents, Monte Cristo collapsed along with the mining industry, and by 1930 the town was completely abandoned.

Visit this Washington ghost town today and you’ll see remnants of homes, stores, hotels, and more buildings the original settlers built.

Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween
Vintage sign at Monte Cristo.

The ghost town is located deep in the woods, so you have to hike, on a trail rumored to be haunted, to get their. Learn more about this haunted Washington trail and others on

Never hike alone! Especially when the trail is haunted. You’ll want to take this haunted hike with a group of friends on or near Halloween. Plan ahead and gather your outdoorsy friends for a haunted hiking adventure with custom Halloween party invitations from

Iron Goat Trail, Snoquamie

Iron Goat Trail is located in northern WA along the abandoned Great Northern Railway grade. The trail’s history began over 100 years ago when the Great Northern Railway was finally complete in the late 1890’s. The railway cut through the Cascade Mountain Range and linked Seattle to the Midwest.

Due to the track’s location and steep incline, several train accidents took place near the Iron Goat Trail. The biggest being a massive avalanche, that occurred due to heavy snowfalls, which swept two passenger trains off of the mountain in 1910. Of the 122 people aboard the trains, only 26 survived. It is one of America’s most devastating train wrecks and biggest, most destructive avalanches. Learn more about this Washington state haunted trail on

Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween
All-Concrete Snowshed Ruins along the Iron Goat Trail near Stevens Pass in Snoqualmie National Forest. Photo courtesy of Lee Rentz via Flickr.

If you do end up hiking Iron Goat Trail, make sure to watch out for passing by trains. Some tracks in the area are still in use.

Washington’s Top Haunted Theaters & Streets

7th Street Theatre, Hoquiam

Built in 1928, 7th Street Theatre is a gorgeous historic theatre in Hoquiam that’s rumored to be haunted. It is the last atmospheric theatre, a historic term which refers to theatres built to give visitors the feeling they are outdoors or in an exotic setting though the structure’s architecture, built in Washington.

With a curved ceiling that reflects the night sky, complete with twinkling stars, balconies, and spiral columns, the theatre was designed to make patrons feel as if they are sitting in an outdoor Spanish garden. In addition to spectacular architecture, 7th Street Theatre  is also haunted.

Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween
Interior of 7th Street Theatre.

Need proof? Take a look at this photo of a ghost caught on film within the theatre.

Check out for more information on the hotel. There you can also see which shows are playing. They always have scary flicks playing for Halloween. Visit this haunted place in Washington with a group of friends this Halloween to see a movie and maybe even a ghost.

Seattle Underground, Seattle

There are a series of underground streets, tunnels, and buildings beneath the streets of Seattle known as the Seattle Underground.

The underground passageways and buildings are what remain of some of Seattle’s first streets and buildings that were ground level before the city was elevated in response to runoff and sewer issues.

Top Haunted Places in Washington State to Celebrate Halloween
A photo of the Seattle Underground.

Due to the Seattle Underground’s long history, it is rumored to be haunted. You can learn more about this haunted place in Washington state by taking a tour. Learn more on

Haunted Places in Washington State

Hopefully this roundup of haunted places in Washington state helps you find the perfect place to celebrate Halloween! For more haunted Halloween destinations, check out our Top 5 Most Haunted Places in America post. Happy Halloween!

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