Holiday Bridal Shower Ideas: Invitations, Food, Decorations, & More

holiday bridal shower ideas

If your wedding will be this winter, you should consider incorporating the season and all of the wonderful festivities it brings into your bridal shower. From the twinkling decorations and bold palettes to the festive spread of winter favorites, a holiday themed bridal shower can be as fun as it is beautiful and unique. Use these holiday bridal shower ideas to learn how to put one together in a snap.

holiday bridal shower ideas
Pretty winter party spread. Photo courtesy of

Holiday Bridal Shower Ideas: Invitations

Your bridal shower invitations will not only provide guests with the whens, whats, and wheres, but also convey your bridal shower’s holiday theme.

Of course your bridal shower invitation wording will convey most of this information, but the design, palette, and style of your invitation will do the rest.

Therefore you’ll want to purchase custom bridal shower invitations with a holiday theme. We recommend checking out WeddingPaperie.

They have a great selection of holiday bridal shower invitations to choose from and amazing customization options that you can use to make your bridal shower invitations reflect your occasion perfectly.

They even allow you to personalize corresponding envelopes, envelope liners, and address labels to go along with your bridal shower invitations, which we recommend doing.

A matching stationery set will give your bridal shower a beautiful entrance and leave a positive impression on guests.

holiday bridal shower ideas
Snowflake Bridal Shower Invitation by

Try adding glitter accents to your invitations and envelopes. A touch of gold or silver glitter will make your details sparkle and resonate thoughts of winter.

Holiday Bridal Shower Ideas: Decorations

Decorating for your holiday bridal shower should be fun and even inexpensive if you use holiday decorations, like lights, candles, and bulbs, that you already have on hand.

If you want, you can choose a more specific theme for your holiday bridal shower, like winter wonderland, candy canes, or a palette like white and gold.

holiday bridal shower ideas
DIY Glitter Snow for Candles & Mason Jar Filler courtesy of

Whatever you do, don’t mishmash too many different colors or types of decorations together. This will leave your holiday bridal shower looking gaudy and uncoordinated.

Keep your palette simple with one or two colors. Rather than busting out all of your favorite Christmas decorations, pick and choose a few items that match your palette and theme.

Stretch Christmas lights, white is always a good color choice, across your venues ceilings and walls. If you want to add more detail to your lights, try attaching paper doilies to individual light bulbs, like this.

Cover your tables with clean white table clothes. Adorn your tables with white candles or create DIY silver or gold glitter candles.

holiday bridal shower ideas
DIY paper snowflakes courtesy of

Cut out paper snowflakes and piece them together to make garland or simply hang them on a wall or from the ceiling. Learn how to make adorable DIY snowflake garland on

Fill mason jars with fresh flowers, water, a little glitter, and white feathers and place them on tables and shelves throughout your venue. Fill jars with fake snow and place candles inside, like in the photo above.

Create a photo board with your favorite photos of the bride or with her engagement photos. Check out our Winter Wonderland Party Guide for more great decoration ideas.

Holiday Bridal Shower Ideas: Food

Hot cocoa, chocolate covered strawberries, coconut cupcakes, warm quiche (here’s a recipe for mini quiche), and festive sweets like holiday cookies and homemade fudge will all make great additions to your holiday bridal shower spread.

holiday bridal shower ideas
Coconut cupcakes. Perfect for a winter or holiday bridal shower!

Try incorporating foods that are easy to munch on while talking and partaking in festivities. Finger foods are always great and foods that match your palette and theme are even better.

Warm dishes will coincide nicely with your theme; plus  they will help guests feel comfortable and cozy. Get creative and have fun putting together a beautiful and delicouse spread of holiday favorites your guests will love.

Bridal Shower Games & Entertainment

If guests will be bringing gifts to your bridal shower, it will be fun for the bride-to-be to open them in front of guests, but you should also have a few games on hand to liven up the party as things wind down.

Here’s one that’s easy to play and put together.

Who Am I?

Provide guests with  some post-it notes. To play, have guests write a name on a post-it.

It can be someone famous, a famous character from a movie, or even the bride or groom. After they write the name down on the paper, have them flip it upside down so no one can see it.

Then, one by one, each guest will grab a piece of paper, without looking at it, and stick it to their forehead.

They can ask up to 20 yes or no questions to try and find out what name is written on the card attached to their forehead. They can ask things like, “Am I male?” or “Am I under 30?” and so on.

If everyone is drinking at the bridal shower, you can make the person asking questions drink whenever they get a “no” answer to their question.

Holiday Bridal Shower Ideas: Favors

You can give guests anything as a favor, but just make sure the gift is either something practical or something they will treasure as a keepsake. Personalized items are great because you can add photos and small messages that relate to you and your guests.

Try personalizing a coffee mug with photos and a short quote. You can create custom coffee mugs on for a reasonable price. Personalize a mug for each guest, then package hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, and candy cane sticks into individual plastic bags, and put all of the bags into the personalized mugs. Attach a note that says “thanks for attending my bridal shower!” to the mugs with red yarn. They will hold onto the mug for years to come and enjoy the sweet gift inside as well.

Hopefully you found these holiday bridal shower ideas helpful! Have fun party planning and make sure to check out the rest of the posts on for more party tips and inspiration! Happy holidays!


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