Winter & Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas: Invitations, Decorations, & More

Did you move into a new home this winter? Showoff your new digs with a holiday themed housewarming party! Use these helpful holiday housewarming party ideas to plan a wintry, festive bash that will do your new place justice. From holiday moving announcements to housewarming invitations, decorations to food, and favors to entertainment, we’ve covered everything you need to know to plan a great holiday housewarming party.

Winter & Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas
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Christmas We’ve Moved Announcements

If you haven’t already, send your friends and family Christmas we’ve moved cards. Even if you’ll be sending most friends and family housewarming invitations for your nearing party, it won’t hurt to send them a we’ve moved announcement before hand — so they have a card with your mailing address and new contact information.

Winter & Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas
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Check out for a fun and festive collection of Christmas we’ve moved announcements. They have a ton of colorful designs that are fully-customizable. If you can’t find a design you love, you can always create your own from scratch using their easy-to-use design software. Have fun making your Christmas we’ve moved announcements reflect your new home perfectly with photos, maps, and custom wording. Don’t forget to include a warm holiday message! Your Christmas we’ve moved announcements can double as your Christmas cards.

Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas: Invitations

All great celebrations start with the right invitations. To ensure your holiday housewarming party invitations match your unique theme, new home, and personal style perfectly, create them yourself on Again, you can either personalize one of their stylish holiday housewarming party invitations or you can create your very own design from scratch in their design center with your choice of photos, colors, embellishments, and more

Winter & Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas
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Beyond matching your holiday theme, your holiday housewarming party invitations should also include all of the details guests will need to prepare for and attend your celebration. Include when and where your holiday housewarming party will be. Note what guests should bring. If you want, you can even include the activities that you have planned.

Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas: Decorations

Center your decorations around your theme and a specific palette. Keep your palette simple with two or three colors. You can keep your theme general or you can narrow it down to a more specific holiday related motif, like Christmas cookie exchange or winter wonderland party. Get creative! An interesting theme can make your party unforgettable and more fun to plan for.

After selecting a palette and theme, check to see if you have any decorations on hand that you can use for your celebration. A variety of things can be used to add color and holiday flavor to your holiday housewarming party. Dress your home with classic holiday decorations, such as Christmas lights, candles, and wreaths. Use things you already own — this will save you time and money.

Winter & Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas
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When decorating, try accentuating what you like most about your new home. If there is a staircase you love, make sure to attract attention to it with your decorations. For example, you can wrap its posts and handle with evergreen garland or colorful strings of lights. Or you can even place a poinsettia on each step.

Fill mason jars with fake snow. Wrap the jar with red ribbon. Neatly secure the ribbon with a bow. Add a candle for a simple, wintry DIY table or mantel accent. For another festive DIY candle holder, fill shallow glass vases with a bit of water. Add some cranberries to the water. And, finally drop in a few floating candles. The cranberries will add a pop of holiday color to your table or mantel, while the floating candle reflects off of the water and casts a warm, welcoming glow.

Check out this 6 Simple Christmas Table Ideas post for more Christmas decoration ideas.

Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas: Food & Favors

Your food should not only taste great, but also embellish your holiday theme. Food that suits the chilly season will also be a plus.

Warm, savory soups, rich dips, and hot beverages, such as hot cocoa and warm cider will help keep guests feeling warm and cozy throughout your holiday housewarming party, while colorful, wintry edibles, like snowy pinecones, herbed cheese spread and cucumbers, and  mini caprese bites add holiday color to your table.

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Woodgrain Holiday Moving Announcement by

There are a variety of things that you can give to guests as holiday housewarming party favors. Poinsettias, tins of hot cocoa, or personalized coffee mugs are all practical, festive gifts any guest will love.

Holiday Housewarming Party Ideas: Entertainment

Sometimes socializing is enough entertainment for a group of close friends and family, but if your housewarming party will consist of new friends and neighbors, you should plan some form of entertainment that will help break the ice.

Trivia is always fun, plus it can be customized to fit your holiday housewarming party theme. Check out this printable holiday trivia post for a list of holiday themed questions and answers.

Gift exchanges can also be lots of fun. Try incorporating one of these fun Gift Exchange Ideas into your holiday housewarming party.

Hopefully you found these holiday housewarming party ideas helpful! Have fun planning your party and happy holidays!

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