How to Host a Child’s Christmas Birthday Party

If you brought a baby into the world on or around Christmas Day, separating their birthday from the Christmas holiday can be difficult. Young children may not understand why they have to share the limelight with such a major holiday, so it’s very important to give them a separate birthday party in addition to a Christmas celebration. That being said, Christmas makes a lovely theme for a birthday party as there are all kind of festive themes and tasty treats the kids will love. These ideas for hosting a child’s Christmas birthday party will help you give your little Christmas blessing a beautiful birthday party.

Christmas Birthday Party Themes

Christmas itself is quite a theme for a birthday party, but if you want to streamline the planning process, you can choose an even more specific theme. Everything from holiday party invitations to decorations and food served can be tied into the theme. Here are a few ideas for great Christmas birthday party themes:

  • Elf. Set up your party room to look like part of the North Pole. Add a few “Elf on the Shelf” dolls and arrange them so that it looks like they’re working. Plaster the walls with quotes from the movie Elf, such as “Smiling’s my favorite!” and “SANTA! I know him! I know him!” Serve miniature versions of your child’s favorite snacks for the little elves who attend.
  • Polar Express. All aboard! For this theme, create party invitations that look like train tickets. Make your party room look like a large train car with plenty of seating for everyone. Decorate one of the walls or windows to look like the kids are gazing out at Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. Serve cocoa and cookies and give out jingle bells as party favors.
  • Sugarplum fairy. A twist on a classic Nutcracker theme, this party theme is perfect for your little sweetheart. Decorate with sparkly pink and blue decor, paper snowflakes and garland, creating a glamorous winter wonderland. Serve plenty of sweet treats and let the kids decorate gingerbread houses.
  • Christmas in July. If your child is tired of the same old Christmas themes and just wants to do something different, turn the Christmas birthday party into a tropical paradise. Have the children come dressed in their summer sundresses and Hawaiian shirts, if they dare. Decorate the party room like a luau with colorful decor, tiki string lights and grass table skirts. Get a small Christmas tree and decorate it with summery ornaments, like pink flamingos. Serve Hawaiian fruit punch and cupcakes topped with paper umbrellas. Play a blend of classic Christmas songs and tropical island tunes.

 Christmas Birthday Party Invitations

You’ll have an array of invitation options for your child’s birthday party, ranging from DIY invites to well-known websites. Since the holiday season is a busy time for everyone, you may find it easiest to order your invites rather than make them. will allow you to fully customize your holiday party invitation design (or regular birthday party invites if your kid wants it that way), colors and wording, so everyone will know they’re attending a birthday party that happens to take place at Christmas and not just another Christmas party. People’s schedules fill up fast during this time of year, so make sure you mail the invitations early. If your child is in school, coordinate the party around the winter break so more kids can attend.

Christmas Birthday Party Decorations

Since your home will most likely already be decorated for Christmas, you may be tempted to just leave your regular Christmas decor up for the party. But the idea of giving your child a birthday party is to remind them that they get a special day separate for Christmas, which is why having a theme is such a good idea. It’s best to pick a room in your home to hold the party and add some festive decorations to that room. At the very least, make sure to have a large party table decked out in Christmas birthday decor and delicious treats. Here are some ideas for decorating the Christmas birthday party:

  • Add some streamers and balloons to the room, which will help differentiate between the Christmas and the birthday. 
  • Create red and green paper chain to string across the walls. Your child can help!
  • Make  a spectacular centerpiece out of candy, and then let the kids deconstruct it after the party.
  • Buy a tabletop Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments that reflect your child’s hobbies and interests…skateboards, sneakers, etc. Instead of a Christmas tree, call it a ____(your child’s name) tree.
  • Wrap small empty boxes in birthday gift wrap and place the boxes under your child’s tree.
  • Make a photo collage of your child and family and friends

Christmas Birthday Party Activities

Because there are so many Christmas-focused activities, such as making ornaments and decorating gingerbread houses, you won’t run out of ideas for keeping your little elves entertained at your child’s party. Here are some creative ideas for Christmas birthday party games:

  • Indoor snowball fight. Divide the kids into two teams and let them battle it out… with cotton balls or white balloons filled with air instead of actual snowballs. Young children will find this snowball fight much warmer and they won’t go home bruised and battered.
  • Christmas Concentration. Before the party, cut rectangular ‘cards” out of red construction paper, then cut slightly smaller rectangles from wrapping paper (two from each pattern of paper) and glue them to the construction paper. To play the game, mix up the cards and lay them wrapping-paper side down, approximately five to a row. Let the first player turn two cards over, and if the patterns match they keep the cards and go again. If the patterns do not match, the player should turn them back over in the same spot they were and play moves to the next child. Continue playing until all the cards have been matched, and the player with the most matched pairs wins.
  • Candy Relay: Divide the guests into two teams and have them form two lines. Give every player a piece of wrapped candy and hand the first player on each team a pair of mittens. When you say “Go,” the first player on each team puts on the mittens, unwraps the candy, pops it into his/her mouth, takes the mittens off, and passes them to the second player. Keep passing the mittens and unwrapping candy. The team that finishes first wins.
  • Classic birthday party games. If you’re doing some Christmas activities, such as making ornaments, balance it out with some classic birthday games like Duck, Duck Goose and Charades. This will give your child a true birthday experience.

We hope these tips and ideas help you host a wonderful Christmas birthday party for your little holiday baby. Merry Christmas and best birthday wishes!

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