How to Host A Halloween Bridal Shower

As a bridal shower hostess, your mission is to throw a great party that suits the guest of honor and showers her with wedding gifts. If the bride-to-be in your life is having a Halloween wedding – or if the date of her bridal shower falls in October- you may want to consider a Halloween theme for her shower. Fun, fabulous and a little spooky, a Halloween bridal shower will be a blast to plan. Just make sure you clear it with the bride-to-be first as not everyone is into this bewitching holiday. From hauntingly happy Halloween invitations to frightfully fun decorations, these tips will help you plan an amazing Halloween bridal shower your guests will love.

Halloween Bridal Shower Invitations

halloween shower invite
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Choose Halloween party invitations so your guests will know to expect a haunting affair. You don’t have to stick to standard pumpkin invitations… the bridal shower invitation pictured above is elegant without being too traditionally Halloween themed. In addition to the standard invitation information, make sure to let your guests know whether they should wear costumes or not- and if so, let them know if there will be a theme. Here is an example of Halloween bridal shower invitation wording:

Their home isn’t haunted, but it’s frightfully bare…
so we’re throwing a shower and we hope you’ll be there!
Please join us for a sassy, spooky Halloween bridal shower
in honor of Stacia Renee Simpson.
Saturday, October 19, 2013
1:00 PM
118 Union Street
Seattle, WA
Light lunch and desserts will be served.
– No costumes required – 

Halloween Bridal Shower Decorations

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You may opt to give your Halloween bridal shower a theme, such as witches or vampires, in which case your decorations will be based on that theme. Otherwise, pick a Halloween color scheme and stick to it. You can decorate with shades of orange and yellow and keep the decor light and fun, or you can go a bit darker with deep purple and black. Halloween decor can look very casual or be very sophisticated, easily setting the mood for the type of bridal shower you wish to have.

Whatever colors you decide on, make sure pumpkins are part of the plan. Jack o’lanterns carved with messages of love are great for lining your walkway or porch and also make great centerpieces inside. Make good use of other fall staples like apples, gourds and leaves if you want to keep the party light. Otherwise, invest in a black velvet table cloth, fake cob webs and black candelabras for a more Gothic look. Just keep the tastes of the guest of honor in mind and have fun!

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Halloween Bridal Shower Food

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Treat your guests to all the fall delicacies available in your area. Serve sparkling apple cider and apple martinis. Create a fruit tray with caramel dip for the apples and delicious pumpkin dip. You can even go all out and make this screaming red punch with a hand inside. There are so many delicious recipes for Halloween party food that you’ll have no problem finding creative ways to keep everyone coming back to the party table for more. Here are just a few ideas for delicious Halloween bridal shower party food:

  • Deviled eggs
  • pasta salad
  • Mini quiches
  • Jack o’lantern pizzas: English muffins topped with pizza sauce and American cheese cut to look like jack o’lantern faces
  • Cookies shapes like witch’s hats
  • Candy corn

Halloween Bridal Shower Activities

Traditionally, bridal shower games are used as ice breakers for guests who don’t know each other as well as fun ways to pass the time until the bride-to-be opens her stack of gifts. Having a Halloween bridal shower is a great reason to put a little twist on tradition and come up with fun games with a spooky spin. Here are a few ideas for your Halloween bridal shower games and activities:

  • Mummy wrap. Remember that traditional bridal shower game that involves splitting up into teams and creating toilet paper wedding dresses? Put a twist on the tradition and opt for a mummy wrap instead! The first mummy to be fully wrapped to the point of immobility wins. This game is sure to get some laughs.
  • The devil is in the details. About twenty minutes after your final guest arrives, whisk the bride-to-be out of the room. Then give your guests paper and pens and have them write down everything they can remember about what she was wearing, from her earrings to her shoes. Whoever remembers the most details, the “devil,” wins a prize.
  • Spooky Bridal Bingo. Play a game of classic Bridal Bingo, except add in Halloween words in addition to or instead of wedding-related words.
  • Pumpkin carving contest. Divide guests into small groups and have each group carve a pumpkin. You can give out prizes for the scariest, funniest and best overall. You can even suggest they try and make the pumpkins look like the bride or groom!
  • Pin the fangs on the vampire. This is played like pin the tail on the donkey, except you will use a poster of a vampire and hand out cut-outs of fangs. Blindfold each guest, spin her around, and point her in the direction of the vampire. Whoever puts Dracula’s fangs in the right spot wins.

 Halloween bridal shower favors

Sending your party guests home with bridal shower favors is a lovely way to thank them for coming. Naturally, small bags of mini-sized candy bars make perfect party favors for a Halloween bridal shower. Here are a few other ideas for shower favors or party game prizes:

  • Pumpkin cake pops
  • Pumpkin scented candles
  • Packets of apple cider with cinnamon sticks
  • Mini bottles of lotions and body sprays with creative labels like “love spell” and “witch’s elixir”
  • Apple cinnamon potpurri
  • Pumpkin spiced tea

Whether you go all out ghoulish or stick to a casual harvest color scheme, hosting a Halloween bridal shower is sure to be a fun occasion everyone will enjoy.

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