New Years Eve Party Ideas: Invitations, Themes, & More

Are you planning on hosting a NYE bash this year? Use these New Years Eve party ideas to get started. Our guide will walk you through the process of finding  invitations, outfits, decorations, entertainment, and favors that are perfect for your upcoming celebration.

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Theme

Start by selecting your New Years eve party theme.  Your theme can be a simple color scheme or a concept such as: murder mystery, decade party, or masquerade ball. A great theme can really make your party a hit, so make sure to put adequate time and thought into it. After you’ve decided on a specific party motif — center your invites, outfit, and decorations around it.


If you decided to go with a glitter and gold theme, fill your venue with gold balloons, glittery decor, and request that your guests wear shimmery gold attire. For a masquerade themed celebration, ask your guests to wear formal attire and pass out fancy masks as people arrive. Take a look at our Party Themes For New Years Eve and New Years Eve Party Theme Ideas articles for more  inspiration.

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Invitations

Create custom invitations that match your theme perfectly. Add photos, artwork, fonts, and clever wording that fits with your own personal style. For a longer-lasting alternative, create custom magnet holiday party invitations on

New Years Eve Party Ideas

Black and white, elegant custom invite by

New Years Eve Outfit

Coordinate your outfit with your party theme. For a costume theme party — you’ll of course need to find the perfect disguise. For a casual party, wear whatever you like. If your celebration is a formal affair, slip on your fanciest attire or go out and buy a New Years Eve outfit especially for your party. It’s not everyday of the year you get to dress up, so have fun pulling together a stunning ensemble. If you’re a lady in need of some more ideas, take a look at the advice below for further formal New Years Eve outfit inspiration.

New Years Eve Party Ideas

Woman wearing a silver and black sequenced detailed dress.

Dress: Black, gold, and silver are colors typically associated with New Years — so try to incorporate one of these three tones into your outfit. Don’t shy away from bold colors and fabrics. NYE is one of the few times of the year you can get away with wearing over-the-top glittery attire. Glittery shoes are so fun and perfect for NYE. Tie your outfit together with shimmery jewelry.

Hair: Use hairspray and a curling iron to create bold and beautiful curls. Or, if you don’t feel like investing too much effort into your hair, cover your locks with a cute hat. Top hats are classic NYE accessories.

Nails: Paint your nails with shimmery gold, silver, or black nail polish. This will really complete your look.

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Decorations

Your decorations should of course match your theme, but if you’re throwing a tradition NYE bash here are a few simple decor tips for you.

new years eve party ideas

DIY glitter dipped mason jars. Photo courtesy of

Glitter Dipped Mason Jars: Make your own beautiful and bold flower vases out of old mason jars. Learn how to make your own on

Glitter Balloons: Fill up your balloons with a handful of glitter to add extra sparkle to your party. You can also use a sharpie to write a message or the date on the balloon before blowing it up.

Strings of Lights: Strings of lights a very cheap and effective party accessory. Purchase a bunch for your NYE party. Use them to fill your venue with light. They’ll create a soft and subtle glow that will make your room feel warm and welcoming. Avoid direct and florescent lighting — it will really kill the mood of your party.


DIY glitter candle. Photo courtesy of

Glitter Candles: Create your own sparkling candles using plain candles, masking tape, spray adhesive, and glitter. Start by covering the area of the candle that you don’t want covered with glitter in masking tape. If you want the entire candle covered in glitter, skip the previous step. Spray the adhesive onto the part of the candle you do want covered in glitter. Finally, add glitter to the adhesive. Let your candles dry completely before removing the masking tape.

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Entertainment

Get a feel for the kind of music your guests like, and compile a playlist for your party ahead of time. Have a NYE themed film playing in the background of your celebration, so your guests can watch the movie in case they get tired of socializing.

Prepare a list of trivia questions and answers for your NYE bash, and organize your guests into teams as the night winds down. A few rounds of trivia will liven up your celebration. Also, make sure to have a small prize ready for the winning team. For a list of holiday trivia questions, take a look at our Holiday Trivia — Fun, Free, and Printable article.

New Years eve party ideas


Don’t forget the food and drinks. If you’re trying to save money, ask your guests to bring a dish to pass and a bottle of champagne. Also, try passing out sparklers to all of your guests. They are super cheap and lots fun.

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Favors

Pass out classic new years eve favors such as noise makers, glasses, and confetti poppers. Top hats, tiaras, and bead necklaces will also make great favors. If you’ed like to save some extra cash, try making your own favors. Find out how to make DIY NYE favors on Or pass out simple, yet thoughtful custom holiday cards. Add your favorite photos, a personalized message, and creative designs to the cards to make them on-of-a-kind.

New Years Eve Party Ideas

Hope these New Years Eve party ideas give you the inspiration you need to plan an unforgettable celebration! Have fun planning for your party. Try to get a few friends to help. The more people involved, the more creative and fun your party will be. Good luck and happy New Years.

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