Top 10 Best Cheap Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an exciting time for both the young and the young at heart. It’s exciting to be able to attend parties and events dressed in a fabulous costumes. But those fabulous costumes can come at a pretty steep price, especially if you’re attending numerous events and will require more than one. There’s no need to drop hundreds of dollars on something you’ll never wear again. This list of 10 cheap adult Halloween costumes and costume shopping tips will provide plenty of ideas for ghoulish get-ups that won’t break the bank.

 Top 10 Best Cheap Adult Halloween Costumes

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 10. Babe Magnet

If you have an all-black sweatsuit or black pants and a black tee, you’ve got half this costume already. Go to your local thrift store or a yard sale and buy 10-15 old Barbie dolls. Attach them to your black clothing. Voila! You’re a babe magnet.

9. Tourist

For this costume, you will need a Hawaiian shirt (an old one of yours, a friend’s or a Goodwill find will suffice) and a pair of khaki cargo shorts or other casual bottoms. Rock flip-flops on your feet and a straw hat on your head. If you have an old, big camera, wear it around your neck. Add some sunglasses and paint your nose with white paint or sunscreen and your costume will be complete. For bonus points, carry around a map.

8. Where’s Waldo?

A Waldo impersonation is one of the easiest cheap adult Halloween costumes to pull off. If you’ve got a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans or slacks, suspenders, glasses and a red beanie, you’re set. Almost everyone will know the look of this elusive tourist, so you won’t have to explain your costume all night… in fact, you’ll probably be asked to hide yourself in a lot of group pictures!

7. Pinterest

Pinterest costume
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Becoming this popular social media site will be a breeze. Just take a light bulletin board and add magazine cut-outs of weddings, recipes, dream homes and crafts. Tie it around your neck and back with a ribbon, and wear all white under it.

6. Pig in a Blanket

Of all the cheap adult Halloween costumes, this one will be the warmest. Simply buy a pig nose and pig ears, then wrap yourself in a big blanket. You are officially a pig in a blanket!

5. Cactus

cactus costume
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Start with a green sweatsuit. Bend pipe cleaners into 3 point shapes and then attach them all over the sweatsuit with hot glue. Glue on some fake flowers and carry around a lizard for an extra-fun touch.

 4. Witch

A witch costume is extremely easy and cheap to pull off. Wear an old tattered black dress or a sexy new one, depending on the kind of costume you’d like to have. Buy a witch hat and carry around your broom or a stuffed black cat. You can paint your face, put on a large fake nose or forego the witchy make-up all together.

3. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn

Depending on your body type and hair color, you can easily go as any of these two tinsel town starlets. A Marilyn costume simply requires a white dress with a halter top, a blond curly wig or curled hair and red lipstick. An Audrey Hepburn costume will consist of a little black dress, a strand of pearls, a tiara and a cigarette holder. These costumes would be great for a pair of best friends!

2. Bunch of Grapes

This DIY idea is one of the easiest cheap adult Halloween costumes, as long as you have room to move and don’t dance with a dressed up porcupine. Simply wear a black leotard and black leggings and glue or tape a bunch of blown up purple balloons to them. Ge some green felt, cut out a couple of leaves and secure them to your shoulders. Gather some green leaves and make a little hat or headband out of them.

1. Cowboy or Cowgirl

Of all the cheap adult Halloween costumes, this may be the easiest as well as the most comfortable. Just gather an old plaid flannel shirt, Wrangler’s or skinny jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Other Cheap Adult Halloween Costumes

These cheap adult Halloween costumes are also easy to assemble and easy on your wallet:

  • Clown
  • Hippie
  • Punk rocker
  • Cheerleader
  • Gangster
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Pin-up girl
  • Black cat

Websites with Cheap Adult Halloween Costumes

If you’d rather wear a store bought costume this Halloween, there are still plenty of options that won’t leave you broke. Here are a few websites that advertise cheap adult Halloween costumes:

Look through your closets, drawers, chests and attic for old clothing. Browse costume idea sites and sites like Pinterest. There are millions of ideas out there and, even if you don’t use a single one of them, seeing the costumes are guaranteed to inspire you. Never underestimate places like the Goodwill or Value Village…they get especially stocked with gently used costumes around Halloween time. Also, check your local costume rental shop. They may have specials that are surprisingly affordable.

Good luck with your cheap adult Halloween costumes, and Happy Halloween!

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