Top 20 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

Perhaps your original Halloween plans have changed. Maybe you’ve decided to throw an impromptu Halloween bash, or you’ve just learned that the Halloween birthday party you’re attending will be a costumed affair after all. Whatever the case may be, your odds of finding good last minute Halloween costumes can be slim. The good news is that there’s no need to panic or break the bank to participate fully in Halloween this year. Browse this list of 20 last minute Halloween costumes and get inspired.

20. An Iron Chef

Buy or borrow a chef’s hat (available online for around $10). Wear all white. Hold an iron or wrap the cord around you and wear it. Instant Iron Chef!

19. Pumpkin Pi

Dress in orange from head to toe. Cut out a Pi symbol from construction paper, print one for your computer, or paint “3.14” onto your top or dress. If you really want to get into the spirit, carry around a can of whipped cream.

evil twin costume

18. Evil Twin

Go as your own evil twin. Wear all black and buy some devil horns. Wear a name tag that says, “Hi, My Name Is Evil______.”

17. Self Portrait

This is one of the easiest last minute Halloween costumes. Simply find an old large picture frame and remove the glass. Secure it to the front of your body using string or wire (or just hold it in front of your face). Look regal.

16. Harry Potter Character

Go to Hogwarts by finding a green plaid skirt and adding an old cardigan, a tie and some wiry glasses. Draw a lightening bolt on your forehead and use an old branch for a wand.

15. Bubble Gum

Wear a long pink tunic or dress, pink tights and a pink beanie. Chew pink bubble gum. You can also blow up some pink balloons and add them to your costume if it won’t be too inconvenient.

14. Smarty Pants

Take a pair of black pants and tape or glue dozens of packets of Smarties candies to them. Voila, you are “smarty pants!”

13. Bunch of Grapes

Attach a bunch of purple balloons to an old white t-shirt. Cut out leaves from green construction paper or felt and attach them to your shoulders.

12. Champagne

Buy or borrow a gold sequined dress. Wear gold tights and glue small rhinestones to them. Tease your hair. Everyone at the party will be toasting to you all night long.

wind blown lady
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11. Wind-blown Person

Dress is business attire, using 19 gauge wire in the seams of the clothes to make them look windblown. Turn an umbrella inside out and tease your hair to one side with hairspray.

10. Black Cat

Wear a black bodysuit with black leggings and black ballet flats or cat slippers. Paint whiskers on your face and purchase cat ears and a tail from any local Halloween store. Meow!

9. A Hangover

When it comes to last minute Halloween costumes, it doesn’t get much easier than this! Either wear sweats or wear a very wrinkly dress or suit (as if you’d slept in it). Carry your shoes. Leave your hair disheveled, wear sunglasses, carry around an empty beer bottle or a Starbucks coffee cup. Look pained.

8. Mummy

With the help of a friend, wrap your body entirely in toilet paper. Toilet paper is surprisingly sturdy when wrapped enough and should last all evening… just don’t get caught in the rain or spill your drink!

7. Pirate

A pirate costume is surprisingly easy to assemble. Just wear an oversized white shirt, black pants or leggings, an eye patch and a bandanna. Hunt down a plastic sword to tie it all together.

6. Sick and Tired

Wear pajamas, fasten a thermometer to a chain (to put in your mouth for photos) and carry a pillow.

5. God’s Gift to Women

Wear a polo shirt with a popped collar, put a large gift bow on your head, and wear a large “gift tag” that says “To: Women, From: God.”

4. Homeless Person

Wear a tattered old plaid shirt, cargo pants and a bananna. If you’re a clean shaven man, don’t shave your face for a few days. Make a creative cardboard sign that says something like “Why lie? I need a beer!” or “Time Traveler: need cash for crucial part for time machine.”

Error 404
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3. Error 404

This might be the simplest of all the last minute Halloween costumes. Simply take a white t-shirt and, with a Sharpie, write “Error 404: Costume not Found.” This one is sure to earn you a few laughs and won’t cost you a thing.

2. Ready For a Shower

Wrap a long, fluffy towel around you and secure it with pins. Ladies may want to wrap a second towel around their hair. Wear flip-flops. Carry a loofah or a rubber ducky. Wear soap on a rope as a necklace.

1. Freudian Slip

Wear a slip and attach a printed out picture of Dr. Freud to it. Instant Freudian slip!

Let these ideas for last minute Halloween costumes serve as your costume creation motivation. Happy Halloween!

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