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Halloween itself makes a great theme for a wedding. Between the beautiful harvest hues, custom Halloween invitations and the fun of a costumed reception, there are many ways to make your spooky special day unique. But many couples take it one step further, opting for a themed Halloween wedding. Having a Halloween themed wedding is a great way to streamline the decorating process since the concept of “Halloween” is so generic. Plus, it’s a great way to pull off  an amazing wedding reception your guests will never forget. These are five popular picks for Halloween themed weddings, with tips and ideas to inspire you.

Harvest Moon

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A Halloween themed wedding doesn’t have to be scary! Decorate in the beautiful colors of autumn and have a harvest wedding. Outfit your bridal party in yellow, orange, purple or black and carry dried flowers or bouquets of wheat. Rent a barn for your reception venue and decorate with strings of lights, orange paper lanterns and pumpkin centerpieces. Hand out bags of candy corn as wedding favors. Serve apple martinis as your signature drink and mini pumpkin pies alongside your cake. You can encourage your guests to dress in costume or have everyone come as they are. Make sure you play a few classic Halloween hits throughout the night!

Day of the Dead / Skulls

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Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that falls on November 1st and is meant to honor deceased loved ones. While this may seem like a morbid theme for a wedding, the Day of the Dead is actually a very happy holiday in Mexico and around the world. Bright colors, delicious food, dancing and family gatherings are all part of Dia de los Muertos, as are delicious sugar skulls. This makes a great Halloween themed wedding because of its happy vibe and skull-adorned decor.

Send out skull-adorned Halloween wedding invitations to clue your guests in on the theme. Decorate with bold hues to create a bright, beautiful color palette. Adorn your reception venue with colorful paper lanterns, pinatas, flowers and plenty of skulls. You can serve Mexican fare or stick to a classic fall feast with local delicacies. Hire a couple of face painters to paint the faces of the children (or willing adults!) like skulls. Favors should be classic sugar skulls. To honor your loved ones who are no longer with you, create a beautiful altar for them. Learn more about Day of the Dead altars here.

Masquerade Ball

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One of the top reasons couples decide to have a Halloween themed wedding is for the opportunity to throw a beautiful masquerade ball. This is a wonderful wedding theme to choose because it allows you to have a traditional wedding ceremony if you wish and save the Halloween theatrics for the reception. Popular during the Carnival era of the 15th century, a masquerade ball is all about fancy decor, flowing ball gowns and, of course, sparkling masks.

For this theme, think big, beautiful ball gowns and vintage decor from centuries past. Work elegant masks and fans into your centerpieces and decorate with dark colors, such as burgundy or plum and black. The more velvet you can use, the better. Serve a fancy feast, such as whole roasted duck, or keep it casual with finger foods. If you really want to get into the theme, take ballroom dancing lessons with your sweetie and impress your guests with your first dance. Make sure you give your guests plenty of resources for costume inspiration if you expect them to dress up.

Gothic or Victorian

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Beautiful burgundy and shades of plum, sultry corsets, black lace candles and Victorian up-dos…. if this sounds like the wedding of your dreams, give your big day a Gothic theme! Gothic decor ties beautifully into a Halloween wedding and if your look gravitates towards goth anyway, you’ll have a chance to really go all out with it.

Gothic weddings are so popular, there’s even a website dedicated to helping people plan them. If you don’t live a Gothic lifestyle outside of Halloween, you can certainly enjoy this theme without going all out and going “corpse bride.” Choose a white dress with a corset back and black trim. Carry a bouquet of dead roses or fresh black roses. When decorating the reception venue, use lots of antique candelabras and as much velvet and lace as possible. Skulls are fine and a great way to add to the Halloween vibe, but don’t go too overboard. You can ask your guests to come dressed in Gothic attire for a truly authentic look.


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There’s more to being a vampire than sucking blood and staying up all night. From Twilight to True Blood, pop culture has glamorized the dark underworld of the undead. It can be difficult to pull of a vampire themed wedding without being tacky, but it certainly can be done. A vampire wedding will likely be similar to a Gothic wedding with a few small adjustments.

For this Halloween themed wedding, it’s all about the venue. Select a spooky location like an old mansion, a fancy hotel rumored to be haunted, a park at dusk, or even a cemetery. Choose a big, black or red ball gown, wear lace gloves and carry a bouquet of dark colored flowers or dead roses. If you are throwing a costume party for your wedding reception, you can have a little fun with your guests by having vampire make-up put on your faces (or just adding fangs) after the ceremony is over and your wedding photos have been taken. Decorate in black and other deep colors with plenty of chandeliers, and serve your guests blood red sangria out of chalices.

Having a Halloween themed wedding can be done tastefully without being tacky or over the top. The trick is to keep the theme subtle, stay away from cheap decorations and focus on a few key elements to pull the theme together. Happy wedding planning!

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